About Us

TIBBETTS Group distributes high quality engineered components for Automotive, Aerospace, Construction and Industrial sectors.

Based in the UK, Tibbetts is a truly global business, with supply partners and customer distribution agreements established in over 35 different global territories. The Tibbetts’ values respect loyalty and look to work with customers with long-term contracts and stability of supply.

Engineering excellence is at the core of Tibbetts, with all products manufactured to exact tolerances and engineering quality management the blood stream of everything manufactured and sold today. Components manufactured to a drawing is the key to our success and know-how.

Our business was established in 1980 and today is led by the executive board which guides the business into new sectors, with new products in different markets. With this in mind, the process of how the parts are engineered remains the DNA of the business and will drive our success into the future.

Tibbetts are regular winners of industry awards and more specifically very well established as business award winners in the FastTrack system and UK Oxfordshire Business Awards.