Commercially Focused


High Standards


Tibbetts Group aims to use its expertise to supply customers with value-added engineered products; ensuring the offer provides additional value to the customer’s business, therefore remaining the customers’ supplier of choice.

Our mission statement is a vital part of our culture, core values and strategy. We use it and refer to it in our day-to-day interactions to ensure we deliver the best for our customers.


In all divisions across the group, we have four simple values which all employees live by and are benchmarked against. These are the values that help us achieve our mission statement and ensure customers select The Tibbetts Group as their supplier of choice.


The Tibbetts Group was established in 2005 with a vision and strategy to bring together like-minded and processed engineered businesses to create a low risk, high value business. The strategy of the business is created and communicated through the business plan which is updated every 5 years and amended every year to bring accuracy of results and forecast. Business revenue growth is within the DNA of what Tibbetts do and is central to the day to day operations.

Organic Strategic Growth

Each division of the business strives to hit and maintain targets set which are in line with the 5 year strategic plan. Each division is set up and has the foundations to grow revenue streams into the business by looking for new customers and new sectors.

Acquisition Based Strategic Growth

The group continues to search for acquisitional targets that harmonise with the processes that the group has within its framework. The Group targets acquisitions every 2 years and looks to make sure growth is established within these acquisitions.